How to Optimize the Way You Post from Instagram to Facebook

By: Karen Chalco

Content is king. We’ve all heard this saying. With that in mind, it’s pretty obvious why everyone in the social media marketing realm is spending lots of time testing and debating how to post the best content, for higher engagement (a.k.a. likes, comments & shares) with their audience. One key aspect of this is finding a way to optimize the way we re-purpose a post from Instagram to Facebook. 

It’s common knowledge that just because a post gets great engagement on one platform, it won’t necessarily be just as successful on another social media platform. 

But, the results are in, and when posting content on Facebook, according to Social Media Examiner

“With the Facebook algorithm giving news feed priority to posts from friends and family, many businesses are seeing reduced organic reach. Fortunately, there’s a way to reach more people on Facebook without paying for advertising: by using Instagram.”

Essentially, by re-purposing a post from Instagram to Facebook, the probability of it gaining more reach and exposure than most other types of posts, is very likely. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to keep in mind right before you hit “Publish” on your re-purposed Facebook posts. 


Go Easy on Those Hashtags

Not all hashtags were created equal, and the way they work on Instagram isn’t precisely the way they work on Facebook. This is a common misconception we see people fall into. So while you might’ve stuffed your post with hashtags on Instagram, the best practice is to at least significantly reduce most of them, when going to post on Facebook. Interestingly enough, research by shows that using more hashtags on a Facebook post actually results in even LESS engagement. 

Good News: You Can Link to Places Now!

The fact that you can link to places on a Facebook post versus directing your audience to your Instagram bio should be taken advantage of. And for the love of the social media gods, do us all a favor and don’t post a long and clunky link in your original Instagram post captions. 

For instance, if in your Instagram post, you’re sending your audience to the link in your bio to shop your e-commerce store, you can optimize the way you post from Instagram to Facebook by including the link to your store within the Facebook post. (Bonus points if you use a link management tool like, to help you keep track of exactly how many people are clicking on that specific link.)

Don’t Use the “Post to Facebook” Option on Instagram

Believe me…this is YUUUGE. When posting on Instagram, it’s tempting to just hit the “Post to Facebook” option and knock out 2 birds with one stone. But using this option doesn’t give you any ability to edit the post (i.e. delete some hashtags) before it goes live on Facebook. If you’re actually trying to see real results with your Facebook engagement levels, then you need to go the extra mile. 

Try this instead:

1.    After your Instagram post goes live, access it via desktop and copy the post’s URL

2.   Paste the URL into a new Facebook status

3.   After a few seconds, the photo should render on the screen

4.   When it renders, delete the original URL you pasted

5.    You can go ahead and write and edit your status (preferably with far fewer hashtags)

6.   Hit that “Publish” button! (Or schedule it to go live later on.)

Thanks to Social Media Examiner for that one. 

So there you have it. How to optimize the way you post from Instagram to Facebook. No need to thanks us… well, maybe show some love with a share on social media.


Karen Chalco is a writer covering social media marketing, SEO, & SEM, as well as the co-founder of AdvisifyMedia, a digital media agency. You can also find her scrolling through LinkedIn and Instagram.



Internet marketing

By: Hira Anwar

In the world of technology, can we imagine our life without internet? Everyone knows it’s impossible. Almost All of our daily activates are somehow connected with the world of the internet. Therefore, in this modern world it’s quite difficult to imagine that any business can flourish without internet marketing.

For a time, internet technologies and innovations are seen on a different level, most of the advanced business are using internet for promotions and marketing of their products and services now a day; because “internet marketing” is much cheaper and easier way to promote one’s business. In addition, marketing over internet is useful for targeting millions of clients and for building relations with desired consumers.

Many existing organizations ignore this medium of marketing. But today, as we know internet market is growing rapidly and helping every type of business to expand, so ignoring internet marketing will be a serious mistake. Research shows that 90% of consumers are using internet for getting information and resources before they step in to stores, and if your company is not there then your traffic will move toward someone else and it will affect your profit ratio. Even if your company is a small local business, people still want to get your information and contact details from internet.

When we deeply look into the meaning of internet marketing we can easily understand that it’s a process by which any business can advertise their services or products over the internet. The broader scope of internet marketing contains search engine optimization, pay per click, web design, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, link building, reporting & analytics etc. that can be done remotely. Internet marketing also combines the innovative and technical characteristics of the “world wide web” for example development, advertising, designing and sales. Furthermore, internet marketing is also about advertising, placing, and creating Ads in each and every stage of client’s commitment cycle.

While we consider benefits of internet marketing there are various points we can see such as,

Affordability: When we look for cheap marketing methods to get some attention over internet, social media marketing is the low-cost technique or approximately free of cost way for promotions. similarly, other services of internet marketing are very inexpensive as compare to local marketing practices outside the internet.

Focus on target market: When we promote our products or services locally there are less chances to target most suitable consumer. But via internet marketing you can target only consumers of your interest by using marketing strategies or by speaking your buyers directly.

Reach: Marketing over internet is best reachable way for most of the consumers, not only in local region also on international level. Internet market is the easiest way to reach any resource on global scale.

Always open: If we use older sources of marketing other than internet, they will provide limited access because locally a business person can only provide their services for just 8 to 10 hours. So, 24/7 availability over internet is greatest facility and a medium where your business flourishes quickly.